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Monthly Campaigner Tiers & Rewards

Sweet Potato

$1 or more per month

   As a Sweet Potato, you will receive:

  • My genuine gratitude!

  • Your name in supporter credits!

  • A shout-out directed towards the supporters (you) at the end of a production!


Good Noodle

$5 or more per month

    As a Good Noodle, you will receive: 

  • A 'Thank You' Griseo Dextra Postcard addressed to you and signed by the creator with a grateful message on the back! (One-Time Reward)

  • Permission to ask questions for an 'On-The-Spot Q&A' that becomes compiled into a video! (Please keep tasteful. I reserve the rights to deny inappropriate questions.)

  • Access to the Monthly Campaigner (an E-Mail twice a month containing updates, encouragement, and digital content)!

  • Everything from the Sweet Potato tier!


Wholesome Nugget

$10 or more per month

    As a Wholesome Nugget, you will receive: 

  • A Griseo Dextra Emblem Sticker! (One-Time Reward)

  • A Griseo Dextra Emblem Button! (One-Time Reward)

  • Sneak Peeks at content in  development!

  • Early access to content before it is released to the public!

  • Everything from the Good Noodle tier!


Boss Muffin

$20 or more per month

    As a Boss Muffin, you will receive: 

  • A set of Griseo Dextra stickers including all 5 characters! (One-Time Reward)

  • A customized voicemail/greeting or 15 seconds of personalized audio once a month! (Please keep tasteful. I reserve the rights to deny inappropriate scripting.)

  • The ability to suggest or request content! (Further details upon discussion.)

  • Access to Bloopers!

  • Everything from the Wholesome Nugget tier!


Grand Truffle

$30 or more per month

    As a Grand Truffle, you will receive: 

  • A set of Griseo Dextra buttons including all 5 characters! (One-Time Reward)

  • 3 Griseo Dextra Prints signed by the creator! (One-Time Reward)

  • The full Griseo Dextra Instrumental Soundtrack! (One-Time Reward)

  • Everything from the Boss Muffin tier!


Royal Fabergé Egg

$50 or more per month

    As a Royal Fabergé Egg, you will receive: 

  • A customized song dedicated to anything of your choice! (Please keep tasteful. I reserve the rights to deny inappropriate themes.) (One-Time Reward)

  • The ability to collaborate together on a project! (Further details upon discussion.)

  • A scheduled hour of fun and merriment spent socializing online once a month! (Further details upon discussion.)

  • Everything from the Grand Truffle tier!

Welcome and thank you for viewing my Supporter Page!

Listed below is a calendar to ensure you receive your scheduled rewards! Monthly Campaigner E-Mails are delivered twice monthly.

Deliveries on the 1st contain News & Updates.

Deliveries on the 15th contain Digital Content associated with your donation tier!

The Monthly Campaigner is sent to Good Noodle tier supporters and higher!

Monthly Campaigner E-Mails are distributed monthly on the 1st.  

The digital content associated with your tier is distributed monthly on the 15th.

Physical rewards associated with your tier are sent as soon as the items are available for shipping. Items may not be sent all at once. You will receive an E-Mail regarding the rewards sent to your mailing address as soon as they are shipped.

Thank you for your time and take care!

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns - Click Here to Contact Me!

There are no refunds or returns for content, rewards, or donations.

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