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Josephine Puno is a Filipino-American voice over artist with a prominent theatrical background. She has over 10 years of experience in performance and entertainment and over 20 years of training. Her commitment is composed of classes, workshops, choirs, talent shows, and contests. She approaches her vocation with professionalism, dedication, and enthusiasm. However, the intensity of her engagement spawns from a rich fondness for putting smiles on the faces of her viewers from early in her youth. To make a positive difference for those that encounter her presentations continues to bring her endless delight.

With an accumulation of skills versed in acting, singing, narration, automated recordings, and commercialism – Range of tone and emotional investment are major factors for this voice actress. Allowing listeners to immerse themselves by connecting with her portrayals is always her intention. She pulls inspiration from all aspects of her life to fuel the source of her creations. Her specialized genres consist of comedy, drama, romance, slice of life, action, and psychological. Though, her territories are expansive and she is always more than happy to delve into other areas.

Her proficiency is always kept sharpened in order to conquer any hurdles that emerge. The support received from friends and family proves to be a refreshing fountain that further ignites the strength in her devotion. It is with the ambition to fulfill her aspirations of brightening the lives of others that urge Josephine to pursue putting forth her best material.


When she is outside of her recording studio, Josephine enjoys encouraging those who are passionate towards their aspirations. Her hobbies include roleplaying, playing video/board games, learning new things, reading, writing songs and stories, advocating for mental health, and spending time with her loved ones.

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